To produce highly competent Surgical Technologists to play their role in the surgical procedure with the surgeons. To acquire skills & knowledge that would equip Surgical Technologists to live & meet the challenges in the rapidly changing world of today. To provide a paramedical profession a status & recognition in the health care delivery systems through expanding their capacities along with the increasing awareness of their responsibilities.

Role & Scope

  • Apply the knowledge and skills of handling operation theatre rooms to provide safe and effective care to individuals undergoing operational procedures.
  • Demonstrate relative knowledge and understanding of vital parameters to be maintained during respective operations.
  • Skills to access analyze and evaluate the information gathered during the treatment.
  • Demonstrate the ability to plan, organize and report different diagnoses related to treatment.
  • Assesses the patient for any complications with an understanding of the problem and recognizes the need to report the complications to the surgery.
  • Understand professional and ethical responsibilities in inpatient care.
  • Understanding of standard operating procedures and protocols for treatment/research work.



Semester I

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PMS101 Biochemistry-I 4
PMS102 Human Physiology-I 4
PMS103 Human Anatomy-I 4
PMS104 English-I 2
PMS105 Pak Studies 2
PMS106 Computer skills 2
Credit Hours 18

Semester II

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PMS107 Biochemistry-II 4
PMS108 Human Physiology-II 4
PMS109 Human Anatomy-II 4
PMS110 English-II 2
PMS111 Islamic studies 2
Credit Hours 16

Semester III

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PMS201 General Pathology-I 3
PMS202 General Pharmacology-I 3
PMS206 Communication Skills 3
PMS207 Medical Microbiology-I 2
PMS215 Surgical Instruments and Equipment 3
PMS216 Quality Assurance and  Biosafety 3
Credit Hours 20

Semester IV

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PMS220 General Pharmacology-II 3
PMS221 General Pathology-II 3
PMS225 Behavioural Sciences 2
PMS227 Medical Microbiology-II 3
PMS230 Diagnostic Imaging 2
PMS240 Surgical Setup and Design 2
PMS241 Surgical posture and Positions 2
Credit Hours 17

Semester V

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PMS325 Anesthesia Equipments 3
PMS336 Surgical Emergency-I 3
PMS337 Surgical Intensive Care-I 3
PMS338 Surgical First Assistance 3
PMS340 General Surgery 3
PMS341 Epidemiology 2
Credit Hours 17

Semester VI

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PMS308 Biostatistics 3
PMS310 Research Methodology 3
PMS323 Peri-Operative Care 3
PMS333 Clinical Operative General Surgery 3
PMS367 Clinical Operative Gynae Obstetrics 3
PMS368 Diagnostic Procedures 2
Credit Hours 17

Semester VII

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PMS423 Clinical and Operative Orthopedic Surgery 3
PMS424 Clinical and Operative Pediatric Surgery 3
PMS425 Clinical and Operative Thoracic Surgery 3
PMS426 Clinical and Operative Neuro Surgery 3
PMS427 Endoscopy and Robotic Surgery 3
PMS428 Clinical and Operative Urology Surgery 3
Credit Hours 18

Semester VIII

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PMS402 Fundamentals of Infection Control 6
PMS406 Research Project 3
PMS451 Pharma Relevant to Surgery 2
Credit Hours 11